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New version BSAcalc!

V. 1.6:

  • The new formula for calculation body surface area (Yu CY et al., 2010) is added.
  • Fixed some bugs.

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Blunt and penetrating cardiac trauma

On the 19th of May 2010 THE RUSSIAN NATIONAL RESEARCH CENTRE of SURGERY named after B. V. Petrovsky, the Russian Academy of Medical Science and the Department of functional and ultrasonic diagnostics of the Faculty of Post-gradual Professional Training of Physicians(I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University) conducted the XVth Scientifically-practical conference «Rare observations and mistakes of the tool diagnostics».

At this conference we gave a report on the theme: "The Echocardiography in the diagnostics of blunt and penetrating cardiac trauma ". It was doctor M. J. Chernov who presented this report. He is one of the authors of our site and a developer of the software for the echocardiography. You can acquaint yourself with the materials of the report here.


Scientists found a new solution in diagnostics of heart diseases.

Various problems arose and arise in diagnostics heart diseases in the absence of universal medical medication and equipment. The scientists sought ways of this task's solution for a long period, a lot of test were carried out but no one met the requirements. It's still difficult to experience problems of correct diagnostics because of problems rising in handling of different equipment, medical software, medication and etc.

And the scientists from the Institute of Echocardiography Researches Institute of have recently found a method of problem solving with medical equipment for researching heart diseases. They produced a medical computer software which allows them to diagnose with maximum precision. Besides it found an approach in compatibility with the equipment. This software was developed specially for diagnostics and it can be used in any medical institutions.

Before doctors were attached to concrete medical facilities what to complicated the issue of diagnostics, its duration and could make discomfort to patients.

While questioning 45% of doctors it turn out that they need a software easy-to-use. And this result became the aim of scientist's developement. Manufacturers took into account the requirements and made scientists- and doctors-aided tests and they are sure it will lighten the work in the patient care and diagnostic institutions, especially in diagnostics of heart diseases, ischemic heart disease and etc. by ultrasound echocardiography.

They also invented end-to-end solution of providing doctors with the software in every facilities to operate the software from any computer of local area network by one or more doctors. for instance to operate such medical computer software as TTE Browser which was developed by us for working with the results of transthoracic echocardiography Researches, TEE Browser which was developed for transesophageal echocardiography, and Stress Browser is a computer software for complex diagnostic researches carried out with : exercise stress, pharmacological preparations and etc.

Furthermore they came to the conclusion based on echocardiography researches and problems that software should be developed in different languages and have ability to be superposed with medical facilities of different manufactures, as this will greatly lighten software using in all countries of the world, and coped with the task too. These software are easy-to-use and can be used while working with ultrasound diagnostic equipment of different manufacturers. And at the present moment the software has already got the Russian language support.



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